Software Solutions

Generally, we code for the Microsoft Windowsor UNIX/Linux platforms using programming tools that include, but are not limited to C, C++, Perl, Java, assembly and Visual Basic.

Aproch can provide your company with a targeted, economical software implementation that will become a scalable business asset. We have worked with clients to create many types of programs over the years and have developed a high level of expertise in the following areas:

Desktop Applications


From a user's point of view, desktop applications are generally fast, robust and run on a PC or laptop. They are able to interact with other systems on the local network as well as over the internet but primarily function in a stand alone fashion.

Perhaps your company has need of an app to administer a database, a data conversion program, an editor or a network file gathering, reporting or other specialized utility. Whatever the requirements, Aproch has the ability to provide a solution. A close association with our clients is the essential ingredient that enables us to correctly identify and optimize your objectives.

Server Applications

There are two major types of server programs. In the first type, the server performs tasks that have been requested by clients such as a browser. For example, in its simplest form, a web server returns the html page requested by the client browser. See Web Applications below.

The other type of applications run in the background on the server and perform tasks including system monitoring and alert functions, management of assets across the network and the manipulation of data (data transformation of files or data streams)

Web-based Solutions

Recently, web or cloud based applications running in the browser have become very popular. This is because they afford a high degree of interactivity, availability and simplify the writing of traditional distributed multi-user applications. Read More...

Embedded System Applications

Circuit BoardEmbedded devices are designed to perform specific, generally unique tasks. They are ubiquitous in both consumer and industrial environments and are often embedded in machines like dishwashers, refrigerators and automobiles. At Aproch, we specialize in writing the firmware powering these devices as well as the integration of the software with custom hardware. Read More...

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