Services and Products Offered

For over two decades Aproch has provided professional IT and service solutions. Targeted to smaller sized business, our approach to problem solving is both efficacious and economical. Whatever your requirements, we'll offer careful analysis to help determine the most desirable plan of action. Your IT personnel may temporarily require a bit of sound technical assistance. If so, Aproch can recommend a creative and budget friendly resolution. From simple single function software applications to tightly coupled hardware and software production and monitoring systems, the chances are good that if something needs doing we have the right solution.

Our Services

Need a custom software application or specialized hardware device? We develop embedded devices and can design hardware and software to precisely accomplish your process requirements. Once a project is complete and operational, follow-up support, such as monitoring, reporting and necessary updates are offered. These services can be performed on-site, remotely or with automated solutions as required.

Another highlighted service that your company might find helpful is data processing. For example, there may be a requirement to convert legacy data not readable on present systems into compatible formats. Aproch can non-destructively perform custom transformations, conversions and reports on that data making it accessible once again.

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