Intra/Internet Solutions

Web Applications

Instead of running on a networked terminal, or natively on a PC, web applications run in a web browser.  Recently, apps that run in the "cloud" have multiplied exponentially. Why? Because customers have come to demand the ability to interact with vendors instantaneously, from any location and utilizing an Internet enabled device of their choice.

From online banking to the tracking of car repairs at the local body shop, businesses today seek creative ways to increase customer satisfaction. Web applications can power the engine behind this new wave of differentiation and become a major component in a business plan for a secure future.

Website Development

A lexicon of acronyms including ASP, Dot Net, PHP, CSS, XML, SOAP and terms such as e-commerce, Content Management Systems (CMS) and Web 2.0 applications - the range of website development methods has never been more diverse or confusing. At Aproch, we would like the opportunity to simplify all of this for you.

Website development is a collaborative process of design and content. To ensure the site's intended visual impression and effectiveness of message, we offer the guidance necessary to publish a superior site while endeavoring to insulate our clients from the back end technical aspects. Website creation is after all the synthesis of these ingredients to create a productive and successful final product.

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