Telephony Solutions

Voice over IP (VOIP)

phone.jpgVoice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has revolutionized the telecommunications industry in ways not seen since the introduction of the Internet. Because of the affordability of phone systems utilizing an open source software PBX (such as Asterisk) that runs on standard PCs coupled with the availability of inexpensive Internet enabled phones, smaller sized businesses can now enjoy high end features. These include Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call detail reports, voicemail, remote phone extensions and custom PBX applications.

VoIP - the Right Fit for your Company

But will it be a complete answer or only a partial one? How does the availability of VOIP effect your incoming fax line? Is the data integrity of VoIP sufficient for your needs? Can IVR with its interactive menuing system and voice recognition capabilities increase your company's efficiency? VoIP telephone system technology most assuredly offers the potential for immense savings of both time and money. To ensure maximized benefits, implementation questions must be addressed in order to accommodate the unique communications requirements of each business.

Aproch Can Help

If you would like to know how and to what degree VoIP can be of benefit to your company, let Aproch guide the way. We has been involved in numerous VoIP deployments in small business environments. Beginning with the determination of system specifications and proceeding to the design, deployment and support of your new phone system, Aproch has the expertise to implement the transition smoothly. And by the way, we can also help with issues related to legacy systems.

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